Visual Poetry Project 01: KINTSUGI

The first of a new photo project: a message on brokenness and healing.

5/13/20241 min read

The beauty of broken things

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Though the cracks are still there, they are cherished and celebrated, loved even. The gold displays how much the piece has gone through, and those same cracks become beautiful. I love this metaphor of embracing our pain and damage; everybody goes through things they don’t talk about, everybody has experienced pain.

My brokenness feels overwhelming at times, and there have been many, many moments where I just wanted to discard my entire piece of pottery away. I learned that although I can’t erase or make the pain disappear, I can at least work with it and live with it. I can accept it. We continually put these pieces back together, over and over every day.

I decided that I want to turn my pain into beauty, into art both seen and heard. This is what I decided to do with my life! This is the first of my 2024 creative project, VISUAL POETRY, where I aim to strengthen my storytelling and being more comfortable with my creative voice, which I found in 2023 through my monthly self portraits.

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for appreciating and supporting my art. I create straight from my heart, and sharing my art with you means showing you a little bit of my soul each time. I truly appreciate it.